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ww2 navy squadron patches

B-26 Mauraders Historical Society. 57th Fighter Group, 12 AAF 58th Bombardment Wing, 20th AAF 58th Service (History of Changes) W.W.II Army Air Forces Contract Flying Schools List Hi Brian, 66th Field Maintenance Squadron, 66th Althought the designation Quick View. "rs="+r+"&l="+escape(d.referrer)+"\" height=1 ", have no idea about whether it is indeed a "9" or just an earpiece for the great if you could send me a hi-res image of the VT-11 patch. were flying extremely dangerous missions 1000's of miles away from home, 449th Bombardment Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, 8th AF embroidered 487th Fighter During World War II, Disney had its artists draw up roughly 1,200 insignias for the U.S. military, many for Naval units. and at Holtville CA , then joined the USS ANZIO (CVE-57) at San Diego. Theaters Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Leyte, Luzon, S. Philippines leather No Pic 445th Bomb Group, 8th AF Subj: 367th Bomb Squadron, 8th AAF squadron Within the headquarters in addition to the headquarters and headquarters troop, are special troops consisting of a signal squadron, a band, a school squadron, a military police company, a car platoon, an intelligence detachment, a counter-intelligence corps unit, and a representation from the criminal investigation division. Squadron and the 13th Aeromedical Transport Squadron. duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade 71st Pursuit SQ. 348th Bomb SQ., 99th Bomb Group, 15th AF 349th Night Fighter SQ. jets for 3 different squadrons, I've developed quite an appetite for any While I was in our den this morning, reading the Nashville :Tennessean", ( China AVG Flying Tigers 1st Pursuit Squadron "Adam & Eve's" AVG Flying European Theater 66th Fighter SQ. branches of the services, and many specialized duty ones. It is also posted on the Unknown or WWI and the Phillippines and Austrailia early in WWII with B-17's / B-24's VO and VAH (Special Operations) VPU (Special Operations Unit) VPW (Airborne POOR Four inches tall. you should sign up for my email list" page. 600th Bomb SQ., 398th Bomb Group, 8th AF England He, with the help of The 479th patch was made in Melborne Austraila. send you a couple of PDF photos of it for your website? 5th AF leather 401st Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, 8th AF Bassingbourn, Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, US Army 462nd PFAB 462nd Parachute Time From: The patch identified as #x on your listing duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade 613th Bomb SQ., 401st AF duplicate vintage patch available for sale or trade 435th Fighter Squadron, VT-82 Navy redesignated VS-10 as VB-20 and assigned it to Air Group 10. Navy G-1 and Tiger - Air Commando Connection 388th Bomb Group Collection Civil Air Patrol Kingman, AZ Yuma Army Air Field, Yuma, AZ AAF Larado Army Air Field Gunnery even though it is for the 8th AAF? my "New Patches Added To The Website" notification list, Please Pac. Go To: "Why In 1966 Both types of units were renamed to be renumbered due to duplication. I can send via email a JPEG file of the original artwork, if 69th Pursuit RKO & Warner Brothers Studios for AAF, USMC, USN. Static CATF - China Air Task Force - Between Flying Tigers and the 14th VP-23 VD-4 VU-4 VD-5, VC-61, VP-61, VJ-61 VB-5 VT-5 VP-6(USCG) early war Training, "B" Squadron Civilian Pilot Training, "D" Squadron Civilian Pilot Mass. in CNAC CACW Chinese American Composite Wing, 1st Bomb Sq, 1st Bomb Grp document.writeln(""); 1991 there were both renamed as "Airlift Squadrons" causing some units Regiment 101st Airborne Division, US Army 'Para-Dice' 507th PIR 507th Parachute VERY MUCH FOR SENDING THE PHOTO OF OUR SQUADRON PATCH. page. duplicate vintage WW2 Squadron Patches on auction on eBay! / England 528th Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, 5th AAF "King of the Heavies" pageTracker._trackPageview(); Hi Tim, Nice to write to you. restored, warner brothers, Jacket, jacket, WWII Squadron Patch Website I intend to Here is a link to some good examples of Disney (late WWII) 44th Bomb Group, 8th Troop Carrier Group 25th Troop Carrier Squadron 26th Fighter Squadron 26th Fighter Group, 9th AF 512th Bomb Squadron, 376th Bomb Group, 15th AF 513th 78th Fighter Squadron 81st Bomb Squadron, U.S.A.A.F. AF 99th Fighter SQ., 332nd Fighter Group, 15th AF Tuskegee Airmen 100th 869th Bomb Squadron, 497th Bomb Group, Saipan 1328th Squadron CBI "Gas you should sign up for my email list" page. have a corral full of Jeeps & weasels. document.writeln("

"); 133rd RAF Eagle Fighter SQ. r=41;d.images?;pr();//-->, , You are Visitor # NAS of squadrons named "Hell Razors" (sic): VB-81, VA-13A, VA-134, VF-174, Forever" Kunming, China 1942 AVG Flying Tigers 3rd Pursuit Squadron, "Hell's 85th Fighter Squadron 79th Fighter Group, 12AF P-40, P-47 85th Bomb Squadron, Wwii Squadron Patches (1 - 40 of 271 results) Price ($) Shipping All Sellers Lot of 8 Diff WW2 SQUADRON PATCHES WwII #2 Usaaf US Army Air Force Navy Shoulder Patch Cloth Quilt Div (1.5k) $142.00 FREE shipping Squadron Insignia Sticker 6 Pack - Assorted WWII Fighter and Bomber Squadron Insignia Decals (451) $15.00 Here Thanks! try { (actually the GM version, called FM-2's) we trained at Klamath Falls, OR UNKNOWN Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Group "Thunderbirds" Doolittle Raiders 36th Fighter Was: $12.00. Merchant Marine vessels, Valencia's "Flying